Payer Id Code List


Payer NameStatePayer IDLOBTransactionMethodInfoUpdated
AARP MedicareComplete through UnitedHealthcare / Oxford Mosaic Network6111MedicalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
AARP MedicareComplete through UnitedHealthcare / Oxford Mosaic Network87726HospitalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
AARP MedicareComplete through UnitedHealthcare/AARP MedicareComplete87726MedicalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
AARP MedicareComplete through UnitedHealthcare/AARP MedicareComplete87726HospitalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
Absolute Total Care68069HospitalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
Absolute Total Care68069MedicalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
Accarent Health20212HospitalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
Accarent Health20212MedicalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
Acceptius (Benefit Management Inc of MO (BMI)43178DentalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
Access Administrators12T33HospitalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
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