Payer Id Code List


Payer NameStatePayer IDLOBTransactionMethodInfoUpdated
Administrative Services Inc.CBFLUMedicalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
Adminstrative Services OnlyCX076DentalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
ADOC (Affiliated Doctor's of Orange County)ADOCSMedicalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
ADVANCED DATA SOLUTIONS58202HospitalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
ADVANCED DATA SOLUTIONS58202MedicalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
Advantage Dental Plan Inc.93524DentalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
Advantage Med GrpNMM01MedicalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
Advantek Benefit Administrators83077MedicalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
Advantek Benefit Administrators83077HospitalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
Advantek Benefit Administrators83077DentalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022

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