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Domain Sales and Acquisitions

Having the right Domain name (Website name), can help increase the visibility of your business. Choosing the right Domain name, can help establish a reputable presence online and make it easier for individuals to access your services.

Eclaims.com would like to help you increase the accessibility of your business, and help you reach full potential. We have spent many years studying and acquiring Domain names, within the healthcare industry. Please take this opportunity to see if any of our current Domain names, fit your needs now or for possible development in the future. If you do not see a Domain name listed that fits your current needs, we can also help you procure the perfect name.

Please see the contact information below, to obtain current pricing information for purchase or leasing of Domain names owned, by Eclaims.com

Domains For Sale/Lease

AdvancedRehabPT.comPlease Inquire
AdvancedSpineCenter.comPlease Inquire
AmbulanceClaims.comPlease Inquire
CaringChiro.comPlease Inquire
ChiroClaims.comPlease Inquire
ChiropracticClaims.comPlease Inquire
ClaimNetwork.comPlease Inquire
ClaimsIntelligence.comPlease Inquire
cmsHealth.comPlease Inquire
CodeWranglers.comPlease Inquire
CodingForFun.comPlease Inquire
ComputerClaims.comPlease Inquire
CreateAndDesign.comPlease Inquire
DataClaim.comPlease Inquire
DataClaims.comPlease Inquire
DataClaims.netPlease Inquire
DataClaims.orgPlease Inquire
dmeClaims.comPlease Inquire
DocumentRetrieval.comPlease Inquire
DRclaims.comPlease Inquire
eClaimer.comPlease Inquire
eClaims.infoPlease Inquire
eClaims.orgPlease Inquire
eClaims.usPlease Inquire
eClaimsRUS.comPlease Inquire
ediFormat.comPlease Inquire
eInsuranceClaim.comPlease Inquire
ElectronicClaims.comPlease Inquire
ElectronicClaims.orgPlease Inquire
ElectronicMedicalSoftware.comPlease Inquire
ez835.comPlease Inquire
ez837.comPlease Inquire
ezHCFA.comPlease Inquire
ezMedicalClaims.comPlease Inquire
ezUB04.comPlease Inquire
HealthCareEligibility.comPlease Inquire
HealthCareWebDesign.comPlease Inquire
HealthFitnessTips.comPlease Inquire
HealthInsuranceInformation.comPlease Inquire
HealthResearchInstitute.comPlease Inquire
HealthyKidsClub.comPlease Inquire
HipaaBootCamp.comPlease Inquire
HipaaCertified.comPlease Inquire
HipaaCertified.netPlease Inquire
HipaaCertified.orgPlease Inquire
HipaaCompliance.netPlease Inquire
HipaaPolicy.comPlease Inquire
HixPix.comPlease Inquire
HospitalClaims.comPlease Inquire
iMedicalRecords.comPlease Inquire
InternationalHealthManagement.comPlease Inquire
KidsComputerLearning.comPlease Inquire
MedicaidClaims.comPlease Inquire
MedicalBillingCenter.comPlease Inquire
MedicalClaims.orgPlease Inquire
MedicalClaimsManagement.comPlease Inquire
Medicalcms.comPlease Inquire
MedicalDemo.comPlease Inquire
MedicalDiagnosisCodes.comPlease Inquire
MedicalInfo.netPlease Inquire
MedicalInformation.netPlease Inquire
MedicalInsuranceCodes.comPlease Inquire
MediscribeOnline.comPlease Inquire
myEclaims.comPlease Inquire
npiRegistry.comPlease Inquire
OffShoreMedicalBilling.comPlease Inquire
PaperLessMedical.comPlease Inquire
PayYourDoc.comPlease Inquire
PharmacyClaims.comPlease Inquire
PhysiciansBillingService.comPlease Inquire
PhysiciansClaims.comPlease Inquire
PhysicianSpecialist.comPlease Inquire
ProgrammingContest.comPlease Inquire
SecureClaim.comPlease Inquire
SensesTherapy.comPlease Inquire
SimpleHCFA.comPlease Inquire
SimpleUB04.comPlease Inquire
SimplyHCFA.comPlease Inquire
SimplyUB04.comPlease Inquire
SmartContactTracing.comPlease Inquire
sqlGenerator.comPlease Inquire
SymmetryTherapy.comPlease Inquire
TestingEligibility.comPlease Inquire
TheHealthPortal.comPlease Inquire
TopSecretLab.comPlease Inquire
VirtualRealEstateProperty.comPlease Inquire
xmlFormat.comPlease Inquire

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