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Payer NameStatePayer IDLOBTransactionMethodInfoUpdated
(NLH) Netcare Life and Health Insurance66055DentalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
1199 National Benefit Fund13162MedicalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
1199 National Benefit Fund13162HospitalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
2020 EYECARE2020EMedicalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
6 Degrees Health Inc.20446HospitalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
6 Degrees Health Inc.20446MedicalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
A & I Benefit Plan Administrators93044DentalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
A & I Benefit Plan Administrators93044MedicalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
A & I Benefit Plan Administrators93044HospitalClaimsUnknown1/8/2022
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