ANSI X12 837P - 5010 2010BB NM1 - Payer Name

The purpose of the 2010BB NM1 Payer Name Segment is to supply the full name of the destination payer. The 5010 specifications for the NM1 segment can be found below as it pertains to the 2010BB loop.

Sample 837P (5010) - 2010BB NM1 - Payer Name

  • Payer Name (2010BB)
  • NM1*PR*2*PAYER NAME*****PI*12345~

HIPAA Guide - 837P [5010]

NM101Entity Identifier CodeMID3
NM102Entity Type QualifierMID1
2Non-Person Entity
NM103Name Last or Organization NameXAN60
NM104Name FirstOAN35
NM105Name MiddleOAN25
NM106Name PrefixOAN10
NM107Name SuffixOAN10
NM108Identification Code QualifierXID2
PIPayor Identification
XVCenters for Medicare and Medicaid Services PlanID
NM109Identification CodeXAN80
NM110Entity Relationship CodeXID2
NM111Entity Identifier CodeOID3
NM112Name Last or Organization NameOAN60

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