ANSI X12 837P - 5010 2010BB N4 - Payer City/State/Zip Code

The purpose of the 2010BB N4 Payer City/State/Zip Code Segment is to provide the geographic place of the payer in the event the claim needs to be printed. The 5010 specifications for the N4 segment can be found below as it pertains to the 2010BB loop.

Sample 837P (5010) - 2010BB N4 - Payer City/State/Zip Code

  • Payer Name (2010BB)
  • N4*OMAHA*NE*681021680

HIPAA Guide - 837P [5010]

N401City NameOAN30
N402State or Province CodeXID2
N403Postal CodeOID15
N404Country CodeXID3
N405Location QualifierXID2
N406Location QualifierOAN30
N407Country Subdivision CodeXID3

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