ANSI X12 837P - 4010 2010BA N4 - Subscriber City/State/Zip Code

The purpose of the 2010BA N4 Subscriber City/State/Zip Code Segment holds the geographic place of the subscriber/insured.

The 4010 specifications for the N4 segment can be found below as it pertains to the 2010BA loop.

Sample 837P (4010) - 2010BA N4 - Subscriber City/State/Zip Code

  • Subscriber City/State/Zip Code (2010BA)
  • N4*OMAHA*NE*681021680~

HIPAA Guide - 837P [4010]


RN401City Name
[Subscriber City Name]
RN402State or Province Code
[Subscriber State Code]
RN403Postal Code
[Subscriber Zip Code]
SN404Country Code
[Subscriber Country Code]
NN405Location QualifierXID2
NN406Location IdentifierOAN30

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