ANSI X12 837P - 4010 1000B NM1 - Receiver Name

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Written by Mike

November 21, 2020

The purpose of the 1000B NM1 Receiver Name Loop is to supply the name and id of the receiver. The receiver is the entity who is receiving the file.

The 4010 specifications for the NM1 segment can be found below as it pertains to the 1000B loop.

Sample 837P (4010) - 1000B NM1 - Receiver Name

> Receiver Name (1000B) NM1*40*2*RECEIVER*****46*RECEIVERID~

HIPAA Guide - 837P [4010]


Segment Field Name Definition
NM101Entity Identifier Code
NM102Entity Type Qualifier
2Non-Person Entity
NM103Name Last or Organization Name
[Receiver Name]
NM104Name First
NM105Name Middle
NM106Name Prefix
NM107Name Suffix
NM108Identification Code Qualifier
46Electronic Transmitter Identification Number (ETIN)
NM109Identification Code
[Receiver Primary Identifier]
NM110Entity Relationship Code
NM111Entity Identifier Code

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